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Introducing WebTorrent Desktop

The streaming torrent client for OS X, Window, and Linux

WebTorrent Desktop is fast, free, totally non-commercial and open source. WebTorrent Desktop can talk to both BitTorrent and WebTorrent peers.

BitTorrent over WebRTC

WebTorrent is a streaming torrent client for the browser. YEP, THAT'S RIGHT. THE BROWSER.

It's written completely in JavaScript – the language of the web – and uses WebRTC for true peer-to-peer transport. No browser plugins, extensions, or installation is required.


Imagine a peer-to-peer YouTube where viewers help to host the site's content. By making BitTorrent easier to use, we can get more people to participate and take the first steps to re-decentralizing the Internet.

How do I try it out?

You can see WebTorrent in action at Instant.io. Send a file to a friend using BitTorrent!